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One thing that has always made the library such an exciting place to work is our eclectic client base. We may have a picture request from a national newspaper for an ancient battle scene or some recently deceased politician; or from an individual in the final stages of preparing their life's work on a very specific topic. Our clients include all the major book publishers, design and PR agencies, advertising agencies, TV companies, new media as well as many national and global newspapers and magazines. All our clients expect us to be experts in their field and about our own collection, which is why the calibre of our picture researchers has to be so high.
Our Clients Include:

Abbott Mead Vickers
Air Creative Communications
Aspire Design
Axis Design
BBC History Magazine
BBC Proms
Blacker Design
Blue Design Consultants
Bottom Line Design
Brill Design
British Medical Journal
Cactus TV
Capstone Press
Carlton Television
Cassell Plc
Celf Creative Designs Ltd.
Channel 4 Television
Chapman Design Ltd
Chrysalis Books
Cinenova Productions Inc
Cogent Elliot
Contagious Design
Creative Concepts
Crown Agents Stamp Bureau
Deep Blue Graphics
Design Partners
Dewynters Advertising
Diverse Productions
Dorling Kindersley Ltd.
Eaglemoss Publications
Elmwood Design
Emi Classics
English Heritage
Event Communications
Faber & Faber
Flashback Television
Folio Society
Fortean Times
Foster & Partners
Furneaux Stewart
G W A Design
General Practitioner
Generator Graphics
Ghost Design Ltd
Granada Television
Harcourt Education
Harper Collins
Handheld Press
Hat-Trick Design
Head Design
Headland Design Associates
Hodder & Stoughton
Hodder Headline
Ibm United Kingdom Ltd
Ic Design Ltd
Indent Design
J Walter Thompson
J.O.Marshall Design
Jack Rouse Associates
Jev Fine Arts
John Murray Ltd.
John Wiley & Sons
Katapult Ltd.
Lady Magazine
Lawrence Edwards Designers
Lime Marketing
London Weekend Television
Mail On Sunday
Marshall Cavendish
Mccann-Erickson Manchester
Mccauley Design
Meme Design Ltd
Morgan Radcliffe
Moti Roti
Mousemat Design
Mudpie Design
Myridium Design
National Geographic Society
Naxos Records
Nelson Thornes Ltd
Neoco Design
O'Reilly Richardson
Octopus Design Ltd.
Open University
Orion Press
Oxford University Press
Palgrave Publishers Ltd
Pan Communications
Pan Macmillan
Paperwork Corporate Design
Performing Right Society
Philip Allan Publishers
Prentice Hall
Prentice Hall
Publicis Blueprint
Quantock Design
Querceus Design Ltd.
Random House
Random House Inc.
Readers Digest
Red Letter Design
Robert Dudley Agency
Rodrigo Corral Design Inc
Rose Design Associates Ltd.
Rosen Publishing Group
Royal Mint
Royal Opera House
Saatchi And Saatchi
Scholastic Inc
Shannon-Rose Design
Shaun Webb Graphic Design
Splash Design
Sunday Times
Swedish Television Ab
Synergy Communications
Tatham Pearce
The Argument By Design
The Creative Partnership
The Daily Express
Daily Mail
The Economist
The Independent
The Sunday Telegraph
The Telegraph
The Times
The Work Design Consultants
Thomas Cook Publishing
Thyme Design Associates
Tiger Aspect
Tiger Design
Time Warner Books
Totem Advertising
Transworld Publishers
Tuch Design
Unlikely Suburban Design
Utd. Design
W W Norton & Co.
Wagner Design
Wall To Wall TV
Weidenfeld & Nicholson
White Gate Design
White Noise Productions Ltd.
Zenith Print & Packaging
Ziccardi Partners Frierson Mee

You are the very best picture library going. Your speed is very greatly appreciated.

Paul Ford, Isle of Man Post Office.

Would just like to say a big thank you for finding us some fantastic images - you've made what I thought was going to be a difficult task a lot easier.

Matt Bateman, Department of Health website.
"Dear Mr Brown, I just wanted to write you this afternoon in regards to a wonderful series of interactions I had with Jessica Talmage. Ms. Talmage followed up repeatedly on a difficult image request of ours with your Spanish agent, AISA, and was able to get us a much needed larger scan in a very expedient amount of time. Throughout the process Ms. Talmage kept me up to date, and was very graceful under pressure.

I wanted to take the time and opportunity to tell about this experience, and to compliment you on your quality people at the Mary Evans Picture Library. Although often our image subject needs fall outside of your sphere, I will not hesitate to go to Mary Evans in the future when appropriate. It was truly a great experience!

Matthew Mayer, The Teaching Company
"I would also like to say that whenever I need something of yours, and usually at short notice, I find everyone at Mary Evans to be most helpful and extremely efficient.
Stephen Nelson, Council of British Archaeology Magazine
"Dear Rachael, Thank you for all your help on the Jeremy Irons film. It has been invaluable."
Miriam Walsh, Wall to Wall TV
"I must say, it is a pleasure to work with MARY EVANS and especially with you, Tom. I feel, I have to mention this, as it is not the rule these days. People utter their opinions when they have something to complain about and rather seldom do they write anything, when a cooperation is fine. Money, I feel, is not everything in the world. Quality of work and life means also the pleasure to work with decent people..."
Hubertus Kanus, Contributing Photographer
"Dear Mr. Vivian, Many thanks .... the Mary Evans Picture Library has been the most efficient and helpful of all the various picture libraries I have dealt with in the course of compiling the photographs for this book."
Michael Occleshaw, Author
"There are many picture libraries who now send us regular newsletters and updates on their activities, but while I delete most of them rather quickly, I always take the time to explore one or all of the featured topics within the Mary Evans newsletter. It is fascinating, stimulating and totally British in its quirkiness! The library has successfully transferred the quintessential flavour of the archive to its web presence."
Diana Korchien, Editor, Montage
"Dear Tom, I just wanted to say thank you to you and Rachael for all your excellent searching. It's going to be a really strong picture book and I'm really grateful, I thought all the material you sent though was amazing - it's taken me quite a while to get through it all because it was all so interesting. I now have a huge pile of picture options so thanks again."
Amanda Russell, Freelancer for Harper Collins, London
"Mary Evans Picture Library has a particularily unique product, and their picture researchers know how to unearth the most obscure requests from the archive. When I'm in a hurry with deadlines to meet, I just give them a call and off they go like bloodhounds!"
Rebecca Hawtrey, The Field
"Thank you for your assistance with the book. As always, it was a pleasure dealing with Mary Evans, where researchers like me are given great service and communication always indicates that you are dealing with real people."
Freelancer for Harcourt Education
"Great pictures - wish I worked at Mary Evans."
"I want to thank you for all your help and to tell you that your site is great. I wouldn't have been able to have those images for our books without you and that dino table is a really great addition to the book - the kids will love it."
Weigl Educational Publishers
"Thank you so much for all your help with this project. We have been really impressed with the service we have received, the huge choice of pictures you have, and the speed with which this order is being processed. We will definitely be working with you on future titles."
"yay! - that's fantastic, thanks v much, it's just what I was looking for. Brilliant, if only everything else in my day had been this easy... "
Chrysalis Books
"Every time we use Mary Evans you get more efficient."
Good Books
"Thank you again for bearing with us... We're always delighted to work with the staff at MEPL, and your images add immensely to the quality of our books."
Madison Press Books
"In closing I would like to sing the praises of MEPL on-line searchable database. We, here, at The Teaching Company are thrilled at the wonderful images you have available. I am quite certain we will be ordering much more from you."
The Teaching Company
"Also, thank you all at Mary Evans for the help you've given in the past year to Bizarre - it's amazing what you have come up with for us at times and it is appreciated."
Bizarre Magazine
"I am very appreciative of your help with this project. The selection of images you provided was wonderful and your service has been flawless."
Greenhaven Press
"Thank you so much for your help and patience with my last-minute request - you have been so wonderful to work with, and packages from MEPL were always opened with excitement in our office. It's a fantastic resource, and our pages often looked great because of you. It has been a pleasure to work with you, and I hope I will get a chance to do so again."
Saturday Night Photo Dept
"We absolutely love the images from your collection, and the other researchers and I have found your library to be the best organized we've worked with. We've been very impressed with the amount of detailed information attached to each picture."
Middlemarch Films
"I was talking to an OU colleague yesterday, and mentioned I work part-time for a picture library .... "Which one?" he asked .... "Mary Evans", I said ...... "Oh, the famous one!" he replied."
Gill Stoker
"You really did a great job today and it was a pleasure to go to work and introduce people to the wonders of the MEPL archive. They had no idea of who you were and what you do. They do now!. Please keep my e-mail details and phone number... you never know where I'll turn up next; Come to think of it.. neither do I !"
Freelance Picture Researcher