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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Where can I find your rates?
A: Our rates are not currently available on this website. This page explains why. If you have a licence fee query or require a quote, please contact our researchers on +44(0)20 8318 0034 or email
Q: How do you supply your pictures?
A: We usually supply images as high-resolution scans to download from a secure web page accessible via an emailed link. Images are scanned at 300dpi and we usually provide both a TIF file (approximately 20 to 30 mb file size) and a JPG (compressed to around 2.5mb). Some of our contributor pictures are only available in JPG format. For special uses, we can re-scan to a higher file size (usually at no extra charge) but this can take time, especially where we do not own the original. We are no longer able to send scans on a CD or DVD and we no longer supply photographic tranparencies or original printed material.
Q: Is it possible to set up a long term rates agreement if I use lots of your pictures?
A: Yes, we are happy to arrange rates agreements for clients who use our images frequently. Please contact Luci Gosling on +44 (0)20 8318 0034 or email if you would like to discuss setting up a rates agreement.
Q: I found a picture I liked and kept a note of the number - can I search by number on the website?
A: Yes, just type the eight digit reference number (without any letter suffix) into the search box, e.g . 10092935
Q: How can other people view the pictures I've saved in my lightbox?
A: Our website includes a facility for emailing 'lightboxes' of selected images to colleagues and associates. To use this facility you must be registered and logged in. Then, once you have completed your search and selected the images you wish to include, choose 'Email selected images' from the Options drop-down menu, fill in the form, and click send.
Q: Does copyright have to be cleared with any third party?
A: You do not need to contact any other parties to clear copyright to use our pictures in the vast majority of cases. A very small number of images on our site may need additional copyright clearance, but where that is the case, it will be clearly marked, and you should contact us for further details.
Q: I'd like to have a print of one of your pictures for display in my home - is that possible?
A: We have a dedicated website at through which you can buy excellent quality reproduction digital prints of most of our images for home or personal use.
Q: Who was Mary Evans?
A: Mary Evans, together with her husband Hilary, began the Mary Evans Picture Library in 1964 turning their interest in collecting antiquarian books and prints into a thriving business. Mary died in June 2010, and Hilary died in July 2011. Their daughter Valentine remains actively involved in the running of the library. For more information on the history of the library please click here.
Q: Is it possible to visit the library?
A: We welcome visits from professional researchers working on a specific project. Please call us on +44(0) 20 8318 0034 to make an appointment.
Q: When is the next Picture Researcher's Handbook being published?
A: The 8th edition of the Picture Researcher's Handbook was published in 2006, and used copies can be ordered via Amazon. There are currently no plans for a new edition as there are now so many free sources of information online.