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The Roger Mayne Collection

Through the 1950s and 1960s, Roger Mayne documented the British working-class at work and play, be it in a bicycle factory in Nottingham, a slate mine in Wales or a bingo hall in Sheffield. Especially evocative is his photographic record of the life of Southam Street, the fruit of five years observing this tough area in London's North Kensington.

Perhaps most memorable of all are his photographs of the children of the period - playing, fighting, laughing and crying. His fashion-conscious teds, mods on scooters, rockers on motorbikes, enjoying themselves at Battersea fun fair, roller skating in Bath, dancing in Sheffield youth clubs earned him the reputation as "the photographic laureate of teenage Britain".

Other notable photographs come from farther afield - from a backstreet in Napoli, a bullring in Grenada and a busy market in Hong Kong. In contrast there is his portrait collection - mainly of writers, artists and personalities from film and theatre ranging from Lindsay Anderson to David Bowie.