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Greetings to all our News of Note readers

Who would have thought at the beginning of this year, when Zoom and social distancing were practically unheard of, that by August, working from home would be the norm for a large number of us? We're pleased to report that working remotely has not affected the service we've been able to provide for our clients, and over the past few months have received a number of lovely comments, including these:

Thanks for being so swift and efficient - National Newspaper

Loads of awesome stuff in here, thank you so much for being mega helpful - Advertising Agency

It's been a real pleasure working with you - Author

Lucinda you are an absolute marvel. Thank you so much for doing this all so quickly - TV Company

So forgive a little trumpet-blowing, but we're proud that the current circumstances haven't prevented us from doing what we do best.

Keep your requests and enquiries coming by emailing pictures@maryevans.com and we'll be happy to help.

World War II in Colour

John Hinde, whose photography we began to represent last year, is best known for his technicolour postcard images of places around the UK and Ireland. However, we have just added 48 fantastic photographs from the book, 'Citizens at War' depicting civilians, and civil defence organisations such as the fire service and air raid wardens during the Second World War.

Images include a family emerging from an Anderson shelter, an evacuee meeting their countryside host, and a couple picking through the debris of their bombed home, against the backdrop of a Union Jack flag.

A vivid and colourful record of the home front experience, these images are a welcome addition to our material on the Blitz, the 80th anniversary of which is fast approaching.

A Bundle of Books

Last year, we were delighted to work with east London publisher Hoxton Mini Press on two volumes in their 'Vintage Britain' series of photography books, 'Dog Show - 1961-1978' by Shirley Baker, and 'Paradise Street - The Lost Art of Playing Outside' featuring work by a number of photographers represented by us.

Hoxton Mini Press have just launched an exclusive offer for News of Note readers, giving a 20% discount when the two books are bought together through their website. Beautifully designed and very covetable, these books not only deliver a slice of nostalgia, but look good on your bookshelf and make marvellous gifts.

The Unknown Warrior

11 November this year will mark the centenary of the unveiling of the Cenotaph in Whitehall by King George V, and the burial of an unknown soldier in Westminster Abbey. The idea for the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior was originally suggested by David Railton, MC, a clergyman who, while serving in France as an army chaplain, had been struck by the sight of a solitary wooden cross marked with the words 'An Unknown British Soldier' and believed a memorial to an 'unknown comrade' could represent all those who had fought and died in the war, particularly those with no known grave. The bodies of six unidentified British soldiers were exhumed from Ypres, the Marne, Cambrai, Arras, the Somme and the Aisne, with one chosen to make the journey back home. The progress of the coffin from France to its final resting place in the west nave of the Abbey was recorded in detail by magazines such as the Illustrated London News and The Sphere.

Click here to see a selection of images on this very moving anniversary.

Mask up, vintage style

If you're bored with the standard paper masks and fancy adding some vintage flair to your face covering, then do have a look at our range of designs on Red Bubble.

From beehives to teapots, these repeat patterns, based on originals from our archive, are guaranteed to turn heads at the supermarket checkout!

Click here to see the full range.

Happy Holidays

At the time of writing, London is currently sizzling in temperatures hovering around the mid-thirties. Not bad if you've a swimming pool in the garden and an endless supply of ice lollies, but more difficult for all of us slaving over a hot laptop.

Nevertheless, August sunshine puts us in a holiday frame of mind, so we thought we'd share a nostalgic selection of images of the great British seaside holiday, a subject that is particularly strong at the library.

If you're having some time off work soon, whether it's at the seaside, in foreign climes or just in the garden at home, we hope you have a relaxing break.