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A new year, a new... well, it's much the same isn't it? We are now all firmly in the groove of working from home (or wherever you are), and this is no longer the 'new normal' but instead, merely 'normal' albeit, we hope, temporary. January and February often bring new plans and ideas to cut through the gloom so if you're looking for help with research, a quote or just want to pick our brains about a potential project, do get in touch with us at pictures@maryevans.com.

LGBT+ History Month

February marks LGBT+ History Month, aiming to inform, educate and celebrate LGBT+ people past and present. We've gathered together a selection of portraits from the worlds of theatre, film, art, fashion, literature, politics and music, which, although by no means exhaustive, reflects the diversity of the LGBT+ community, and sheds light on the fluctuations in visibility, censure and acceptance experienced by gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans people through the centuries.

While this selection concentrates on famous faces, we also have an excellent selection of photographs and illustrations of this aspect of social history, not to mention thousands of film stills including La Cage aux Folles, Hairspray, My Beautiful Launderette and Torch Song Triology to name but a few.

Capstack Copyright

We have recently added a small selection of images by the portrait photographer, John Capstack (1888-1967), whose copyright we own. The images come to us via the National Portrait Gallery who hold the original prints and include actress Connie Ediss, Welsh entertainer Tessa O'Shea and the giant of the Edwardian stage, Sir John Martin Harvey.

Most significant however is Capstack's mesmerising portrait of Amy Johnson, Britain's record-breaking female aviator and the first woman to fly solo from Britain to Australia. Pictured in her flying jacket and helmet, with goggles lifted to reveal a perfect visage, she is the very picture of '30s glamour and style. We are delighted to now offer this iconic image for licensing.

Scottish Industries

News of Note often gives us the opportunity to highlight interesting or unusual items recently added to the library, and a brochure of 1905, entitled, 'Scotland's Industrial Souvenir' is a case in point. Crammed with gorgeously designed, full colour advertisements, it's a fantastic resource for Scottish companies and their factories or buildings, from Andrew Lees, boot manufacturer of Ayr to herrings in tomato sauce made by Moir, Wilson & Co., of Aberdeen.

Pubs in Print

If you're a regular reader of our Collection of the Week emails, you'll be aware of our recent representation of the National Brewery Heritage Trust archives. The first batch of images from this thirst-quenching collection, are photographs recording the hundreds of pubs once owned by Charrington's brewery. From back street Victorian boozers to mid-century newcomers in post-war housing estates, a browse through the collection is bound to stir wistful nostalgia for all those drinking holes that are no more.

The collection is online now and ready to license, but we also wanted to highlight the fact you can buy images as prints via our print site www.prints-online.com. Do have a browse. Who knows? You may find a pub that was once at the end of your street.