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The new normal?

What day, week, month of lockdown is it now? We're slightly losing track but we know it's been a long time. Although lots of businesses are tentatively re-opening, it seems that within our industry and among our clients, most people are continuing to work remotely if they can; as are we.

We hope you've found our level of service remains as efficient as it's always been. We're able to provide scans from the physical archive in the office, and everything else, including picture research, has been done from our desks at home.

So do keep sending over those questions and requests to pictures@maryevans.com. We're here to help.

Remembering Mary

It's hard to believe that a decade has gone by since the library's founder, Mary, passed away.

Mary not only had the drive and vision to start what has become one of the UK's most respected image resources, but she was a prominent and active figure in the fledgling picture library industry; a founder member of BAPLA and the author, with her husband Hilary, of the Picture Researcher's Handbook, the bible for picture people in the pre-digital era.

We remember her as a steady and assured presence, passionate about pictures, about history and about preserving both for posterity, and of course for the benefit of our clients.

To read more about Mary and her achievements, click here.

Collecting Collections Together

Mary always believed that searching for images should be as pain-free as possible, and our latest website update goes another step further in helping you navigate our vast archive.

In addition to our own extensive holdings, we represent over 300 contributor collections, large and small, from family photograph albums to the archives of national institutions, with subjects ranging from children's book illustration and Victorian gadgetry to street photography and suffrage history.

We've now assembled all of these alphabetically in one place so you can, if you choose, search within specific collections, as well as familiarise yourself with the wide variety of content we make available.

The Collections page joins other recent additions, the Artist Index and Celebrity Anniversaries, giving you all kinds of options for searching and finding what you need.

Don't forget we continue to offer a free research service, if you can't find what you're looking for online.

Rare photographs of Prince Philip

In his long life, the Duke of Edinburgh has probably been photographed more than most, but we've recently added two rare images from the collection of royal expert, Charlotte Zeepvat showing Prince Philip at the age of about four, with his nanny, Emily Roose, as well as another of Nanny Roose with his two elder sisters.

It seems extraordinary, looking at that little boy with the shock of blonde hair, that he would one day become the spouse of the future Queen Elizabeth II, and that, well into the next century, he would be heading towards his hundredth birthday. You can view these photographs, along with others from his early years here.

They join a set of interesting and often unique images we have on Prince Philip, including caricatures and a portrait by Stephen Ward, which you can view via this dedicated web page on our site.

Sit back and relax with an offer from We Love Cushions

With everyone spending more time at home, and especially in the garden (if you're lucky enough to have one), we thought we'd put together a rather nice offer for our newsletter subscribers, offering a discount at We Love Cushions.

We Love Cushions offer a range of cushions and deckchairs featuring fabulous vintage imagery from our collection. Recent deckchair designs include linocuts from nature by Robert Gillmor and some exquisite floral botanical illustrations, all sourced from our library. Just the thing for lounging in the sun with a Pimms in one hand and a good book in the other.

Visit www.welovecushions.co.uk and enter MARYEVANS at checkout stage to receive 20% off any purchase until the end of July.