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Picture 10643533, 2012 photograph, image copyright Mary Evans / Paul Brown

Clocks within Clocks
by Don Gordon


Darkened stains on an Eastern carpet

the night air choked with toxic gases

Landscapes obliterated, lives dismantled

invasion and war echo through the ages


Spanish flu and Omicron rage

across playgrounds of disturbed habitats

Spikes probe into all corners

of a decreasingly small planet


Addicts of black gold

watch with indifference

Ice and polar bears vanish

plastics replace frozen water


Feral dogs fed on anger and abuse

sow seeds of cancerous intent

Those nourished by expressions of love

seek to connect broken worlds


Patterns within patterns, clocks within clocks

tick tock, tick tock



© Don Gordon

Picture 10643533, 2012 photograph, image copyright Mary Evans / Paul Brown



Originally from Toronto, now living near Liverpool, Don Gordon is an emerging poet with a particular interest in travel and eco-poetry, using a wide range of poetic forms including haibun, sonnet and free verse. He has taken several courses in creative writing at CityLit and his writing is informed by a career working in conservation and education, including 10 years teaching students with learning and communication difficulties. He also has a background in Mindfulness and recently wrote a chapter on the effects of mindfulness on children with autistic spectrum condition in the publication Mindful Heroes: stories of journeys that changed lives (Inspired by Learning, 2019). A keen outdoorsman, Don has hiked large sections of the Appalachian Trail and has always enjoyed the poetry of authors such as Mary Oliver and Wendell Berry in their appreciation of the natural world. One of the projects Don is currently working on is writing a collection of poems aimed at addressing the climate and biodiversity crises that we are currently facing.


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