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Picture 11673879, watercolour illustration by Elisabeth Foster, 1987, image copyright Mary Evans / Medici

by Peter Devonald


Bluebells and crocuses

New starts and rainbows

Daffodils shimmer and shine in the breeze

Tulips flourish to bewitch and dazzle

Growing spreading warming light

Day by day becomes more bright

Wonderful change we all can share

Beautiful bird song fills the air

Opportunities stretch before our eyes

The year opens up to unexpected highs

New birth, new life and wondrous dreams

Suddenly we have the means

To be who we really want to be

This year is enchanted, you will see

Cherry blossom blooms in all its splendour

Inspiring awe and stunning grace and wonder

To witness flowering magnolia unfurled

Is to believe in magic in this stunning natural world.



© Peter Devonald

Picture 11673879, watercolour illustration by Elisabeth Foster, 1987, image copyright Mary Evans / Medici



Peter Devonald is a multi-award-winning scriptwriter, poet and novelist based in Manchester. Winner of the Waltham Forest Poetry Competition 2022, FofHCS Poetry Award 2023 and Heart of the Heatons Poetry Competition 2021. Poet in residence at Haus-A-Rest and published in 10 issues. Poems published in Artists Responding To, ArtLove02, Breakdown Bolton, Dear Politicians: Ecopoetry, Dirigible Balloon, Dwell Time, Forget-Me-Not Press, Greenhouse, London Grip, Purposeful Mayo, RIVISTA, Shallot, Sixpence Society, Spoonie, Suburban Witchcraft, the6ress and The Unconventional Courier. Poems featured in five group gallery shows including PaintingWriting presents Tender Stems, Chronically Online Culturable Layered Onion and Hodge Podge. Showcased in The Poetic Map of Reading. Regular columnist for Culture/Arts. Has published poems and runs monthly poetry challenges in Heaton Post, Cheadle Post, Didsbury Post and Chorlton Post. His films have appeared in 150+ festivals and won 50+ awards. Senior writer for Children’s BAFTA nominated series and formerly senior judge/mentor for The Sir Peter Ustinov Awards (iemmys).


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