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Picture 11104773, © Mark Stevenson / Stocktrek / Mary Evans

A Future Nature Lover Reflects
by Pete Mullineaux

At last the woods are full of life again –

creepy-crawly things, other delights

on the wing. A regular beat: no rain

or flood, burning sun or sombre Arctic

mood will mean the failure of a brood –

no threat of a permanent silence, all is

improved, more resilient, you can set

your time by swallows coming and

going, a cuckoo’s call.


Sad perhaps to think of what was lost

but now and then, no harm in overhaul.

Artificial? Let us say rather: ‘artifice’.

Today, nothing needs to feel the cold,

thrushes sing in the astro-snow, a newly

sprung robin finds its perch with a steely

‘ping’, sings its hopes, this joyful world

embracing. A flash of jay! All of nature

present, everything moving to and fro –

until, in the far-off future, systems slow…

long-life batteries will need replacing.


© Pete Mullineaux

Picture 11104773, © Mark Stevenson / Stocktrek / Mary Evans


Pete Mullineaux lives in Galway, Ireland where he teaches global issues in schools through poetry and drama. He’s published four poetry collections, most recently How to Bake a Planet (Salmon, 2016), “a gem” (Poetry Ireland Review). A New & Selected will be published in 2021. He’s also written three teaching resources including Just a Second: Exploring Global Issues through Drama & Theatre (Afri, 2016), and Interdependence Day: Teaching the Sustainable Development Goals through Drama is due from Afri in 2020. Three radio plays have been produced on Irish radio (RTE) including the sci-fi themed Butterfly Wings starring Owen Roe and Karen Ardiff. His work has been featured and discussed on RTE’S Arena, Ireland’s leading arts/culture programme. His debut novel Jules & Rom: Sci-fi meets Shakespeare, featuring an android Romeo, has just been released as an e-book by Troubador Publishing (2020).

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