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Picture 10505952, © Medici/Mary Evans

Sunday Morning Sanctuary
by Lucinda Moore

Padding down the flat wide flagstones together,
worn smooth by centuries and pilgrim feet,
to the church door,
your little hand in mine,
duffel coat tightly fastened against the cold.

Our bodies push against the exhilarating wind,
wild and gusty and strong,
high up on the Frindsbury plateau.
The sleepy town lies beneath us and the sun dazzles on the Medway.
Top of the world and top of the morning,
We push against the heavy door and into the warm, calm sanctuary of the church,
the murmur of voices soothing after the deafening wind.
The air still and the smell of polished wood,
An island of calm in the swirling tempest.


© Lucinda Moore, shortlisted in the 2019 Lord Whisky Sanctuary Fund competition


Picture 10505952, © Medici/Mary Evans


Lucinda Moore is an author and historian, based in Sussex. A graduate of classical archaeology and ancient history from Oxford University, Lucinda has more than a decade of archival research experience, and loves documenting the world around her with words and pictures. Her first publication was an illustrated history book, Animals in the Great War (Pen & Sword, 2017), and she won her first poetry prize in the 2020 Lord Whisky Animal Sanctuary competition.

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