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Welcome to the Mary Evans Poetry blog, launched on National Poetry Day 2015, where we invite poets to send us poems inspired by images from our collection. We're also including a few existing poems, both old and new, matched with one of our images. The poems and pictures chosen so far are listed below.

We're very grateful to a local creative writing group, the Nevada Street Poets, and especially one of their members, Lorraine Mariner, without whose guidance and enthusiasm this idea would not have got off the ground. We're delighted that Lorraine will continue to be involved as co-editor of this blog, alongside our staff member Gill Stoker.

To mark the second anniversary of Poems and Pictures, we held a poetry reading event in October 2017. You can read about it here.

We also celebrated the launch of a poetry book containing some of our pictures in April 2019, with poems specially written by Jane Clarke on a WW1 subject. More details here.

You can click here to find our Poems and Pictures page on Facebook.

We hope you enjoy this addition to our website as much as we do. If you have any feedback, or would like to send us a poem inspired by one of our pictures, please contact Gill by email at

A young (humanised) cat, torn between Good and Evil, represented by a cat angel and a cat devil.  The setting appears to be a rooftop with smoking chimney pots.      Date: circa 1840
The Cat and the Devil by Jessica Traynor

Published: 18th July 2019
Johannes Vermeer (1632-1675). Dutch painter. The Milkmaid, c, 1660. Rijskmuseum. Amsterdam. Netherlands.
The Milkmaid by Shanta Acharya

Published: 11th July 2019
STANLEY SPENCER (1891-1959), English artist, photographed in profile whilst at work on his painting of Cookham Churchyard, Berkshire, England.      Date: 1958
In Cookham Churchyard by Rosie Jackson

Published: 4th July 2019
A busy street scene on a winter's day near the Kremlin in Moscow, Russia, with traffic and pedestrians.       Date: early 20th century
Tapestry Coat by Wendy French

Published: 27th June 2019
Tumulus of New Grange, Brugh Na Boinne, Co Meath - an exterior view of a Tumulus. (Location: Republic of Ireland: County Meath: Newgrange).     Date: circa early 1900s
Solstice Art by Stephanie Conn

Published: 20th June 2019
Grasses. Chromolithograph from Sir William Jackson Hooker, The British Flora, Vol.1. Tab IX.

Meadow Grasses by Janet Sutherland

Published: 13th June 2019
STORM / STORMY PETREL (Procellaria pelagica)  

Storm Petrel by Eithne Hand

Published: 6th June 2019
ARCIMBOLDO, Giuseppe (1527-1593). Water (Aqua). Painted for Maximilian II. Renaissance art. Cinquecento. Oil on wood.

16th century
Oceanic Man by Derek Sellen

Published: 30th May 2019
A street scene in St Ann's, a working class area of Nottingham. 

One Street, Two Worlds by Stephen Devereux

Published: 23rd May 2019
Mexico City (Tenochtitlan):  a quiet street        Date: early 20th century
When does the beginning begin? by Sarah Lawson

Published: 16th May 2019
Smiling Army Air Corps pilot in open cockpit in a leather flying helmet giving a thumbs-up sign. 

Touchdown by Chris Hardy

Published: 9th May 2019
May Fly by Charles Robinson. 

circa 1920s
mayflies by Rowland Hill

Published: 2nd May 2019
Aleppo, Syria - Mosque interior and doorway     Date: circa 1908
The Elsewhere Moment by Karen J McDonnell

Published: 25th April 2019
Hojo-South Garden of the Ryguen-in-Temple. Kyoto. About 2000. Photograph.     Date: 2000
Japanese Garden by Shirley McClure

Published: 18th April 2019
W. S. Graham -- (William) Sydney Graham (1918-1986) -- modernist romantic poet born in Greenock, Scotland, based in London from 1948.  Neglected during his lifetime, interest in his work has been steadily growing since his death.  From 1949 onwards his publishers were Faber & Faber.       Date: circa 1960s
Voice by Gillian Prew

Published: 11th April 2019
Jesus at Jacob's Well with the woman of Samaria. 

circa 1890
How the light gets in by Sheila Jacob

Published: 4th April 2019
Delna as Orfeo at the Opera- Comique, Paris, is appalled at the loss of Eurydice : originally sung by a castrato, the role of Orfeo is generally now taken by a female singer.     Date: first performed 1762
Eurydice by Sue Hubbard

Published: 28th March 2019
Violet, by Vasily Kandinsky, 1923, Russian French Expressionist print, lithograph. Geometrical elements, circles, arcs, triangles, straight lines and curves, mix with irregular hand drawn forms in this abstract lithograph (BSLOC_2017_5_148)

Sonata by Maria Stadnicka

Published: 21st March 2019
A Belgian refugee girl during the First World War, who sits in a street corner, guarding her goods., 01.11.1914-30.11.1914
Refugee by Jane Clarke

Published: 14th March 2019
Egyptian woman with water jug by the River Nile

1900s / 1902
At the Well by Noel Duffy

Published: 7th March 2019
A vixen playing with her fox cubs.     Date:
Vixen by Pam Thompson

Published: 28th February 2019
A kingfisher sitting on a thin branch. (Alcedo ispida) 

Heart Sore by Linda McKenna

Published: 21st February 2019
Just before closing time in The Phoenix pub, Lisson Grove, London.  An elderly woman nicknamed The Duchess stands up and speaks.       Date: 1938
I feel like we can talk about anything by Julie Mellor

Published: 14th February 2019
An invention by two doctors:  the eye print; recording the  pattern made by veins on the  retina, which differs for  every individual. Science  aiding the criminologist...     Date: 1936
An Image on the Retina by Michael Bartholomew-Biggs

Published: 7th February 2019
T.S. ELIOT with Virginia Woolf and Vivienne Eliot, 1932.
Mrs Eliot and the Woolf by Geraldine O’Kane

Published: 31st January 2019
Still Life with Oysters. Van Es spent his entire life in Antwerp although he is said to have visited Rome in 1636. He seems to have worked exclusively as a painter of still life. Paintings of foodstuffs were his speciality. This shows a relatively modest meal with expensive accessories: a blue and white Wan-li porcelain plate from China, a Venetian-style drinking glass and an ivory-handled knife. The glass reappears in a number of van Es's paintings., Foppens van Es, Jacob

17th century
Oyster Seventeens by Rosie Johnston

Published: 24th January 2019
Young Boy Studying, Lewis Hine for National Child Labor Committee, 1924     Date: 1924
To read a language / Ler uma lingua by Natan Barreto

Published: 17th January 2019
A typical 1940s brown leather suitcase, belonging to the Hymers family and destined for 'The 1940s House' in West Wickham, Kent.      Date: 1940s (re-enactment)
The draper by Anne Casey

Published: 10th January 2019
Octogenarian Skye crofter outside his cottage, Scotland.      Date: late 19th century
The Old Whaler, Jonah by Matt Barnard

Published: 3rd January 2019
Dance the Old Year out and the  New Year in.         Date: 1880
Mean Time, in Greenwich by Alison Hill

Published: 27th December 2018
Winter scene over the rooftops of a snow covered village with  full moon  

White Christmas by Fiona Sinclair

Published: 20th December 2018
Poinsettia with attendant butterfly. 

circa 1840
Night Poinsettias by Marion McCready

Published: 13th December 2018
Scrooge expresses some doubts about Christmas music by Derek Sellen

Published: 6th December 2018
BATTLE ABBEY, East Sussex. Misty view of the battlefield at sunrise looking into the sun.     Date:
Ignorance by Jayant Kashyap

Published: 29th November 2018
Armoured train used by the  British ; the locomotive is  given blanket protection        Date: 1900
Colour Sergeant Goose by Matthew Paul

Published: 22nd November 2018
Head and shoulders portrait of a First World War nurse, English School.      Date: circa 1915
War Nurse by Valerie Morton

Published: 15th November 2018
Frank (Francis) Barber, a servant to Dr Samuel Johnson.

circa 1750
Here I am by Richard Westcott

Published: 8th November 2018
Agaricus species: either Campestris or Bisporus.  

19th century
Mushrooms by Emma Simon

Published: 1st November 2018
The railway station at Adlestrop, Gloucestershire. Station staff stand on the platform while the Paddington-Worcester Express steams towards the station. The location was immortalised by Edward Thomas in his poem 'Adlestrop'.

early 20th century
Adlestrop by Edward Thomas

Published: 25th October 2018
Leather covers designed for books by Peter Altenberg, made by the Wiener Werkstaette. Leather. 

circa 1905
W.J. Seamarks, Signature of Great-Uncle Will, of the Merchant Navy, in his books by Alison Brackenbury

Published: 18th October 2018
A flooded stream in Wanstead Park, Essex.       Date: 1930s
Poem beginning with a line by Denise Levertov by Michael McKimm

Published: 11th October 2018
Two seahorses surrounded by seaweed. 

circa 1920s
Consider the Seahorse by Cheryl Pearson

Published: 4th October 2018
Countryman digging with a spade. 

circa 1930
Still Life by Kathleen Jones

Published: 27th September 2018
Forest Floor  leaves on the ground in a forest  predominantly red, orange and yellow. 

Restless Sighs by Helen Harrison

Published: 20th September 2018
A fresh water stream running into the sea, Port Quin, Cornwall, England.       Date: 1960s
The Moving Road by Henry Lyman

Published: 13th September 2018
La Meridienne or La Sieste (after Millet), 1889-1890.  Gogh, Vincent van (1853-1890), Oil on canvas, 73 x 91 cm. 

Azure by Maja Trochimczyk

Published: 6th September 2018
A robin perches on the handle of a spade.       Date: 1930s
The Spade by Lorraine Carey

Published: 30th August 2018
On 26 June, St John's and St Paul's Day at 7 o'clock, the piper reappeared as a grim-faced hunter, holding a fiddle.' From a series of postcards published in Germany     Date: circa 1912
Foundling by Frances Spurrier

Published: 23rd August 2018
The Museum of Wonders at the World exhibition in Chicago: an American woman with scalp hair of two metres. 

Lesson of Admiration by Maria Stadnicka

Published: 16th August 2018
Repeating pattern design     Date:
A Conga of Ballerinas by Dilys Wood

Published: 9th August 2018
Two boys search for broken pottery in a muddy sheepwash on Winkle Street in Calbourne, Isle of Wight. Dating to probably the 17th century, the sheepwash is an enclosure of Bembridge stone walls about 3 feet in height. A rare survival.     Date: 1960s
Low Tide by Lucinda Moore

Published: 2nd August 2018
Scarborough, Yorkshire:  a lady's parasol is blown away  by the wind after a visit to the ruined castle      Date: 1813
Scarborough Castle by Mike Di Placido

Published: 26th July 2018
Picking up sphagnum moss on the moors on the Royal Duchy of Cornwall estate near Princetown for use in surgical dressings during the First World War.  The dried moss was highly effective due to its antiseptic and absorbent properties.       Date: 1917
Base Hospital, Boulogne by Jane Clarke

Published: 19th July 2018
Senecio Jacobaea, Ragwort, or St James's Wort, or Stagger-Wort, or Stammer-Wort.      Date: early 20th century
Ragwort by Janet Sutherland

Published: 12th July 2018
Marc Chagall (born Moishe Zakharovich Shagal, 1887-1985), Russian-French artist. 

circa 1915
Bella by Noel Duffy

Published: 5th July 2018
Greek Art. Magna Graecia. 4th Century B.C. Painted Lucanian tombstone depicting the ferryman Charon crossing the souls of the deceased across the rivers Styx and Acheron by boat.  C. 350 B.C. Necropolis in Andriuolo-Laghetto. Tomb 47. National Archeological Museum. Paestum. Italy.
The Ferryman by Rosie Jackson

Published: 28th June 2018
Headline showing the collision  between Emily Davison and the  King's Horse at the Epsom  Derby.      Date: June 5th 1913
Camera obscura by John Foggin

Published: 21st June 2018
Blue tit on apple blossom
Blue by Rebecca Gethin

Published: 14th June 2018
Portrait of Walt Whitman (1819-1892), American poet, aged 36 years. 

circa 1855
Walt by Geraldine Green

Published: 7th June 2018
Undated coloured poster for 'Siberian death defier and Aviator baffling' John Clempert featuring illustrations of his tricks and performances. HPF/5B/18

early 20th century
The Original Captain Boomerang’s Death-Defying Stunts by Rennie Parker

Published: 31st May 2018
A view of a tabby cat sat on a chest tomb overgrown with grasses and large daisy flowers, in the graveyard immediately to the south of the Priory Church of St Mary and St Blaize at Boxgrove Priory, West Sussex., West Sussex     Date: 1950 - 1965
The Sound of Stillness by Jim Burns

Published: 24th May 2018
The Holy Family with St John the Baptist. Michelangelo Buonarroti
Earthwash by Louise Larchbourne

Published: 17th May 2018
Photograph taken by Lewis Carroll (the Rev. C.L. Dodgson) of the original 'Alice' of 'Alice in Wonderland' - Alice Liddell, c.1862.

circa 1862
Signposts through Wonderland by Sheila Jacob

Published: 10th May 2018
WOOD PIGEONS (Columba palumbus)       Date: 1877
Wood Pigeon Rat-a-tat Tat by Rowland Hill

Published: 3rd May 2018
A ruined old Welsh cottage near Bettws-y-Coed, Caernarvonshire, Wales.  

Sychbant-Uchaf by Jeni Braund

Published: 26th April 2018
Enchanting illustration showing a small child climbing a ladder to unlock a small door n the moon while a group of fairies and elves hover around in the starlit sky.     Date: c.1920
The Second Colour of the Rainbow by Dawn Gorman

Published: 19th April 2018
Mother and her son with a streamlined pram - Classic 1950s German design.     Date: circa early 1950s
Streamlined Pram by Stephen Devereux

Published: 12th April 2018
J M W Turner (1775-1851). British Romantic landscape painter. His work is regarded as a Romantic preface to Impressionism.  Rain, Steam and Speed  The Great Western Railway (1844). National Gallery, London.

Rain, Steam and Speed – The Great Western Railway by Richard Westcott

Published: 5th April 2018
The FASCIATA or BARBARY spider, in its web with some flies it caught earlier.  

Gluetraps and Spiders’ Webs by Michael Loveday

Published: 29th March 2018
Red velvet automatic pin dispenser box with small budgie and hand demonstrating how to use the box. The bird leans over when the button is pushed.
A Nest of Pins by Tess Jolly

Published: 22nd March 2018
A mother checks on her two sleeping children by candlelight while they sleep. 

circa 1870
Bedtime by Greg Harwood

Published: 15th March 2018
Seventeens by Rosie Johnston

Published: 8th March 2018
A criminal publicly exposed at Copenhagen, made to walk through the streets in a barrel with a guard on either side of him. 

late 18th century
Drunkard’s Cloak by Jo Brandon

Published: 1st March 2018
1990s business people working together at desktop computer     Date: 1990s
1990 by Robert Peake

Published: 22nd February 2018
A solitary ice skater making patterns on the ice of a frozen river.  

Skating Alone by Vivien Freeman

Published: 15th February 2018
Dipper (Cinclus cinclus)
Nourishment by Helen Harrison

Published: 8th February 2018
Photographic portrait of Rupert Chawner Brooke (1887-1915), the English poet.

circa 1915
Only this of me by Chris Hardy

Published: 1st February 2018
Superficial view of the arm on  the inner side, with the parts undisturbed. 

My Right Arm by Natalie Baker

Published: 25th January 2018
Sketches of Gypsy life: a camp near Latimer Road near Notting Hill showing Gypsy Lee, the fortune teller at the Devil's Dyke.     Date: 1902
Madame Fortuna by Dominic James

Published: 18th January 2018
The Charge of Sixpences -- a buffalo hunt in Ceylon (Sri Lanka).     Date: 1854
Nuwara Eliya by Rebecca Gethin

Published: 11th January 2018
German artist, Joseph Beuys (1921-1986), at his exhibition at the Moderna Museet in Stockholm.

Beuys Don’t Cry by Matthew Paul

Published: 4th January 2018
Pink Rose with backdrop of trees and clouds     Date: 1970s
A Compass Rose by Anna Yin

Published: 28th December 2017
A group of black and Asian boys make a massive snowball on a wintry Manchester day. Photograph by Shirley Baker     Date: 1968
A Northern Snow Scene by Wendy Pratt

Published: 21st December 2017
Christmas Food Store - Three Dimensional Advent Calendar - 'Mr Noel's Food Hall'

Scrooge Goes Last-Minute Shopping by Derek Sellen

Published: 14th December 2017
Pulling a wishbone to see who will come away with the larger part and the corresponding wish.   

Roast Chicken by Matthew Stewart

Published: 7th December 2017
Japanese servant at an inn.  
(1 of 2)   

early 19th century
Proverbs by Ian Duhig

Published: 30th November 2017
MATA HARI (= Eye of Dawn)  (Margarete Gertrude Zelle) wearing her bejewelled headdress  and costume for the sacred  Brahmic Dagger Dance.      Date: 1876 - 1917
Mata Hari by Stephanie Conn

Published: 23rd November 2017
A family of four -- mother, father and two children -- holding hands on the sand dunes on a beach in Cornwall.      Date: 1970
The Breaks by Mat Riches

Published: 16th November 2017
Dramatic waves breaking over  the promenade at Seaford,  Sussex, England.        Date: 1960s
Storm Gertrude by Jill Sharp

Published: 9th November 2017
London Street Scene -- people with umbrellas crowding to get onto a number 11 bus on a rainy day. 

Breakdown by Frances Spurrier

Published: 2nd November 2017
View over the River Thames near Hungerford Bridge in London, looking towards Westminster. 

Hungerford Bridge by Valerie Morton

Published: 26th October 2017
CARRASCO, Manuela (b.1958). Flamenco dancer. Teatre Coliseum.

circa 1990s
Flamenco by Donna Pucciani

Published: 19th October 2017
Avenue de Clichy and Cite des Fleurs,  in the 17th arrondissement       Date: 1906
Paris by Jim Burns

Published: 12th October 2017
Ballynahinch Castle, Connemara, Ireland. 

Plainsong by Mick Delap

Published: 5th October 2017
Elderly man In rocking chair reading newspaper on a porch. 

Reading the papers by Peter Wallis

Published: 28th September 2017
The swimming bath of the ill-fated passenger liner RMS Titanic, depicting bathers enjoying the exercise.  

Ladies’ Hour by Robin Houghton

Published: 21st September 2017
A young woman creating a tear bottle display, a mourning custom dating from Ancient Rome and Egypt, when mourners would bottle their tears for  burial with their loved ones.

early 1930s
After the funeral by Abegail Morley

Published: 14th September 2017
Il Gridone, leading up from the Via Chaia, a popular flower market in Naples, Italy. 

Our Love by Gabriel Moreno

Published: 7th September 2017
Woman in field of waist-high grass picking Queen Anne's Lace (Daucus Carota).

Queen Anne’s Lace by Anna Yin

Published: 31st August 2017
Map of the British Empire on Mercator's projection. 

late 19th century
Blush by Peter Wallis

Published: 24th August 2017
A spectacular aerial view of Land's End, on the furthest western tip of Cornwall.       Date: 1970
Land’s End by Henry Lyman

Published: 17th August 2017
Leonardo da Vinci, 15.4.1452 - 2.5.1519, painting, Lady with an Ermine (portrait of Cecilia Gallerani), 1483-1486, oil on panel, 55.2 x 40.3 cm. 

Lady with an Ermine by Maja Trochimczyk

Published: 10th August 2017
Clouds seen from a pilot's viewpoint.         Date: 1930s
Flight by Sarah Westcott

Published: 3rd August 2017
Two goldfinches on thistle
Perched in a clump of thistle by Carolina Read

Published: 27th July 2017
LEONARDO DA VINCI Sketches of wings for flying machines        Date: circa 1500
The Landscape of Flight by Lois P. Jones

Published: 20th July 2017
Dipper standing on rock by river (April for calendar)
River Bank by Helen Harrison

Published: 12th July 2017
Violin cases sold by the Wurlitzer company with prices ranging from 12 dollars fifty, to sixty dollars for an alligator skinned, silk lined version in which any mobster would be proud to transport his Tommy gun.

Banned by Emma Simon

Published: 6th July 2017
A Red-spotted Bluethroat on the beach at Blakeney Point, North Norfolk. 

North Norfolk by Vivien Freeman

Published: 29th June 2017
A lovely old cottage by Lough Neagh, near Derrymore, County Antrim, Northern Ireland.  

Summer Solstice, Cornwall by John Freeman

Published: 21st June 2017
George Stephenson (1781-1848), English civil and mechanical engineer, pioneer of rail transport. 

circa 1840s
George Stephenson by Alison Brackenbury

Published: 15th June 2017
Experiments with an electrical device to find gold underground.        Date: 1892
The Electrical Gold Finder Discovers Radio 3 by Richard Westcott

Published: 8th June 2017
Sumer is icumen in by Anon

Published: 1st June 2017
John Vine, the celebrated  Kentish and Surrey Molecatcher.      Date: 1804
Mole Catcher by Derek Sellen

Published: 25th May 2017
Moonrise over St Michael's Mount, Cornwall. 

circa 1970s
If I Was Not by Jeni Braund

Published: 18th May 2017
A little boy being put to bed with the help of staff at the Strawberry Fields orphanage in Liverpool.  

circa 1950
Strawberry Fields Children’s Home, 1950 by Stephen Devereux

Published: 11th May 2017
Two goldfinches with cornflowers. 

20th century
Goldfinch by Rowland Hill

Published: 4th May 2017
A london underground platform at Bank. The Northern line. 1930s     Date: early 1930s
The Northern Line by Valerie Morton

Published: 27th April 2017
Killruddery by Helen Harrison

Published: 20th April 2017
A group of children in a playground on a wet day, wondering how to get the swings untangled!  

early 1930s
Akin to déjà vu by Sharon Larkin

Published: 13th April 2017
Space traveller watches Earth receding. 

circa 1950
Without by E. E. Nobbs

Published: 7th April 2017
Businessman in suit and fedora carrying a briefcase, walking up a long flight of cement stairs. 

circa 1960s
Success by Di Slaney

Published: 31st March 2017
Delineation of Strata of England and Wales (1815) by William Smith.

Strata Smith by John Freeman

Published: 24th March 2017
Elevated view looking down onto the tracks leading south out of Waterloo Station and showing the surrounding townscape     Date: 1960 - 1972
London Bridge to Waterloo East by Robin Houghton

Published: 16th March 2017
Jeanne holding a Fan, by Camille Pissarro. 

Minette by Ken Evans

Published: 9th March 2017
A busy scene in the shopping  area of the Bull Ring complex,  Birmingham, England, in May 1966.   

The Bull Ring in the 60s by Sheila Jacob

Published: 2nd March 2017
Soviet propaganda poster: a Red Army officer, fearing civil disorder during a strike, asks the citizens to hand in their weapons.      Date: circa 1917
Marina Tsvetaeva Recommends that Lovers Kiss Goodbye by Dilys Wood

Published: 23rd February 2017
Man dressed In shirt, tie, waistcoat and apron, bent over a kitchen sink full of dirty dishes, cleaning a frying pan.  

Keeping House by Michael Bartholomew-Biggs

Published: 16th February 2017
Little girl hanging out the washing, watched by a dog. 

circa 1890
Joy by Jeni Braund

Published: 9th February 2017
Scene in a wood in winter. 

circa 1920
Silence of Järvenpää (i.m. Sibelius) by Katharine Towers

Published: 2nd February 2017
A mounted specimen of this carnivorous marsupial mammal, now probably extinct. Also known popularly as the Tasmanian Tiger.
Yarns by Stephanie Conn

Published: 26th January 2017
Sedum Spectabile (Ice Plant) of the Crassulaceae family, a hardy perennial with bright pink flowers.  Seen here in the snow.  

January 1909
Tracks and Pathways by Janet Sutherland

Published: 19th January 2017
Fresh milk is delivered by the milkman, who stands by his milk  float.        Date: 1975
Milko by Matthew Stewart

Published: 12th January 2017
Boy holding a fox cub. 

circa 1940s
Boy at the Side of the Road by Russell Jones

Published: 5th January 2017
Though jovian planets may be composed of gases and ices, the dozens of moons around them may be all the solid ground necessary to spawn intelligent beings.     Date: Date unknown
Parallel Universes by Emma Simon

Published: 29th December 2016
A cute black and white cat  ith nice eyes rolls on its back beneath the Christmas tree. Meanwhile, a sensible toy mouse has its eye on the champagne bottle ...

Christmas Mystery (film noir et blanc) by Vivien Freeman

Published: 22nd December 2016
Scrooge’s Wishlist by Derek Sellen

Published: 15th December 2016
A mid-Wales landscape, near Hafod, Cardiganshire, Wales.   

Transhumance by Sharon Larkin

Published: 8th December 2016
Label design for Raffles Hotel, Singapore.     Date: circa 1930s
Gin Slings in Singapore by Rowland Hill

Published: 1st December 2016
Harry Houdini (1874-1926), American stunt performer.  Suspended from the cornice of a New York skyscraper, he must somehow free himself of his chains and make his way to safety ... will he do it ? Is this one trick too many? 

circa 1920s
Escape by Tess Jolly

Published: 24th November 2016
Swallows. Detail from Treasure no. 66 (18 April 1964). 

Swallows by John Freeman

Published: 17th November 2016
Two bombers and bayonet men at the end of sap occupied by L F Company, 2nd Battalion Scots Guards during the attack on 17th October 1915 on the Western Front in France during World War I. In this attack 5 officers and 110 other ranks were killed and wounded.     Date: 17th October 1915
After we’re gone by Jane Clarke

Published: 10th November 2016
Rolling a tar barrel on  November 5th at Brighton         Date: 1853
Remember! by Anon

Published: 3rd November 2016
William Shakespeare (1564-1616), English playwright and poet, from the monumental bust at Stratford-upon-Avon.

early 19th century
Bust of Shakespeare by Stephen Devereux

Published: 27th October 2016
Greetings card in the shape of an autumn leaf.     Date: circa 1890s
Autumn Fires by Robert Louis Stevenson

Published: 20th October 2016
Local people, including miners from nearby collieries, lead the effort to clear the debris following the landslide which saw a huge mass of excavated mining debris smash into the Welsh village of Aberfan. A farm, terraced houses and local schools were hit, and the tragedy cost the lives of 116 children and 28 adults.     Date: 21 October 1966
Early One Morning in 1966 by Harry Gallagher

Published: 13th October 2016
Study of a Foot by Federico Barocci.  

16th century
Study of a Foot, Federico Barocci by Jo Brandon

Published: 6th October 2016
The Abbey Ruins by Derek Sellen

Published: 29th September 2016
Iceland Poppies by Marion McCready

Published: 22nd September 2016
A typical late 20th century pedestrianised shopping street in Hull, Yorkshire, England, on the corner of Parliament Street. 

late 1970s
Ode to Hull by Gabriel Moreno

Published: 15th September 2016
A farm girl returning with baskets of apples represents the month of harvest time. Artist: Rie Cramer     Date: circa 1926
Ode to Autumn by John Keats

Published: 8th September 2016
A pretty cat stands proudly on the pavement in Salford, Manchester below a slogan which reads: "Karl Coombe Tomcat". A smartly-dressed elderly man wearing a flat cap strides purposely along behind. Photograph by Shirley Baker     Date: 1981
The art of beckoning cats by Richie McCaffery

Published: 1st September 2016
The Sweet Shop. A young toddler hands her friend a selection of sweets chosen from the tall glass jars in the shop window.

Dolly’s Sweet Shop by Valerie Morton

Published: 25th August 2016
This is how data (and Mary Evans pictures !) are stored  in a scientific manner.  Of  course, if someone should invent the computer, this will be a glimpse of the past.

Filing Room by Robert Peake

Published: 18th August 2016
The Swing by French Painter of Rococo Manner Jean-Honore Fragonard Lover Looking up Dress of Mistress On Swing     Date: 1767
Bertie Wooster at the Wallace Collection by Sarah Lawson

Published: 11th August 2016
Cheery women of the WVS urge  the populace to donate their  aliminium pots and pans to provide parts for Spitfires and Hurricanes. Monetary gifts also acceptable. 

July 1940
You can do without most things by Alison Hill

Published: 4th August 2016
A young gypsy boy with bright red hair clutches his pet guinea pig close to his chest at an encampment in Surrey. 

Gypsy boy and guinea pig by Richard Westcott

Published: 28th July 2016
A woman with her collie dog, paddling in the sea. 

circa 1930s
A house-move and a late phone call by Dilys Wood

Published: 21st July 2016
Original painting by pin-up artist David Wright of a beautiful, dark-eyed brunette wearing an off-the-shoulder blouse.  

circa 1950
Now that her memory has degraded by Fiona Sinclair

Published: 14th July 2016
Children playing in Southam Street, London.    

Ten seconds ago by Stephen Devereux

Published: 7th July 2016
A boat full of water on a sunlit river somewhere in France.  

Upstream by Janet Sutherland

Published: 30th June 2016
Cave of the Hands, Santa Cruz, Argentina -- detail of the paintings. 

circa 7300 BCE
Show of Hands by Ayesha Chatterjee

Published: 23rd June 2016
A young boy plays in the shell of an old car in a farmyard     Date: 01 Jan 1955 - 30 Apr 1957
Steering by Rebecca Gethin

Published: 16th June 2016
'Through Storm to Sunlight' - Our hero is invited by his friends to take part in a card game: needless to say, he loses more than he can afford  
(2 of 4)

Stick or twist by Di Slaney

Published: 9th June 2016
A picture by Soviet photographer Yevgeny Khaldei  shows the destroyed Reichstag in Berlin in April 1945.  

April 1945
Auntie Pat by Harry Gallagher

Published: 2nd June 2016
Senecio Jacobaea, Ragwort. 

circa 1820
Ragwort by Derek Sellen

Published: 26th May 2016
Mrs Blasig in a nightgown. 

circa 1940
Mrs Blasig by Alison Hill

Published: 19th May 2016
Poppy Field and Trees. 

20th century
In Memoriam by Gillian Prew

Published: 12th May 2016
View of Bankside Power Station, an oil-fired power station located on the south bank of the River Thames, London, 30 April 1975.  The power station generated electricity from 1952 to 1981.  Since 2000 it has housed the Tate Modern museum of art.       Date: 1975
Bankside by Stephen Devereux

Published: 5th May 2016
A couple stranded on a rock at Blackpool: 'We're on the rocks. Send us a five pound note.'      Date: 1922
Trust by Fiona Sinclair

Published: 28th April 2016
William Shakespeare (1564-1616) Playwright and poet.
To the Reader by Ben Jonson

Published: 21st April 2016
Fabric design for a satin crepe poppy flowered print in red, grey and black on a black background, Art Gout Beaute, 1929.      Date: 1929
Wild Poppies by Marion McCready

Published: 14th April 2016
Close-up of gulls on and above the beach,     Date: 1977
Simultaneity by Dilys Wood

Published: 7th April 2016
A still life of purple and white aubergines (or eggplants) displayed on a cloth.  

circa 1900
Eggplant Apotheosis by Jill Sharp

Published: 31st March 2016
'Spring's Coming' - fairy with outstretched arms and flowers around.     Date: circa 1920s
Spring, the sweet spring by Thomas Nashe

Published: 24th March 2016
Willy Coppens de Houthuist  (born 1892) fights in World War One, specialising in shooting down German observation balloons, of which he destroys 35 !

circa 1916
Les Gloires de l’Aviation Militaire Belge by Richard Westcott

Published: 17th March 2016
External view of the International Friendship Exhibition Palace (or Hall), a six-storey temple at Myohyang-san (Mysterious Fragrant Mountain) in North Pyongan province, in the Myohyang mountain area of North Korea.  The temple opened in 1978 and displays presents received by North Korean leaders over the years. 

circa 2000
The International Friendship Museum, North Korea by Pippa Little

Published: 10th March 2016
Little boy with an early magic lantern at the exhibition Play and the Child, Delft, Netherlands.     Date: 1953
Magic Lantern by Rebecca Gethin

Published: 3rd March 2016
Four rats and a barrel on a Christmas card.      Date: circa 1890s
The Night After Listening To A Psychology Podcast About Alternate Strategies For Working With Dreams by E. E. Nobbs

Published: 25th February 2016
Utagawa Hiroshige print of Bird on a branch in blue.

19th century
Bird on a branch in blue by Ayesha Chatterjee

Published: 18th February 2016
MARILYN MONROE  (Norma Jean Baker, 1926-1962), American film actress and sex symbol. 

circa late 1950s
When a sex symbol takes to sensible shoes by Fiona Sinclair

Published: 11th February 2016
A dreamy teenager listening to  her new Astrud Gilberto LP on  her record player.   

I say a little prayer by Karen Dennison

Published: 4th February 2016
Lady Broughton (1894-1968), the first wife of Sir Jock Delves Broughton with her squirrel monkey, Mr. Winks, whom she brought from British Guiana in 1938.  Previously Miss Vera Griffith-Boscawen, she married Jock in 1913 and divorced him in 1940 (he would go on to marry Diana Caldwell and stand trial for the murder of her lover, Josslyn Hay, Earl of Erroll in Kenya).  Vera travelled widely in South East Asia and was known as a big game hunter and fisherwoman.  She was also a highly regarded photographer of natural subjects.       Date: 1939
In the Studio of Madame Yevonde by Anna Kisby

Published: 28th January 2016
'Souter Lighthouse'  winter scene with white and red lighthouse, and a red sky. 

The Lighthouses of Maryland by Dilys Wood

Published: 22nd January 2016
A young housewife loading up  her Miele washing machine  (with matching dishwasher) in her mini skirt and platform shoes. 

The future back then by Stephen Devereux

Published: 14th January 2016
Italy - Florence - Ponte Vecchio and the back of the Via de' Barbi.     Date: 1912
On the death of Elizabeth Barrett Browning by Gabriel Moreno

Published: 5th January 2016
White doves and church bells on a cross-shaped Easter card.      Date: circa 1890s
Ring out, wild bells by Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Published: 31st December 2015
Christine de Pisan (1364?-1430), French writer.
Letter to Christine de Pisan by Sarah Lawson

Published: 21st December 2015
Two owls in the moonlight on a Christmas card, with a quotation from Shakespeare (Love's Labour's Lost).      Date: circa 1890s
Winter’s Song by William Shakespeare

Published: 9th December 2015
Charadrius melodus, piping plover. Plate 220 from John James Audubon's Birds of America, original double elephant folio (1834-35). 

On East Beach by Kelley Swain

Published: 1st December 2015
Salvador Dali (1904-1989), Spanish artist, portrait, late 1960s,
Famous Moustaches by Stephen Devereux

Published: 23rd November 2015
A dugong (Dugong dugon) in the Egyptian Red Sea. Following a trip to the surface to breathe, which happens every four or five minutes, this dugong was just about to land back on its sea grass feeding ground. 

20th century
Dugong, poor cow by Marion Elmes

Published: 17th November 2015
A rambler stops to look at a sundial in Petts Wood, Kent, set up in memory of William Willett, pioneer of 'daylight saving' whose ideas led to British Summer Time.      Date: 1939
Sundial in Petts Wood by Richard Westcott

Published: 13th November 2015
Gooseberries on a branch          Date:
Gooseberries by Stephen Devereux

Published: 10th November 2015
Bifrost - a burning rainbow bridge that reaches between Midgard (the world) and Asgard (the realm of the gods) in Norse mythology.

Bifrost by Aoife Mannix

Published: 9th November 2015
Diane de Poitiers (1499-1566), wife of Louis, Comte de  Maulevrier, and after his death mistress of the Dauphin, later Henri II. Seen here portrayed as the hunting goddess Diana with a stag. 

16th century
Stag Night by Jill Sharp

Published: 5th November 2015
Vauxhall Bridge on a foggy  evening        Date: 1907
November by Thomas Hood

Published: 1st November 2015
General view of the cooling towers of the power station at Church End, Harlesden at night from the west from Crouch Road, London     Date: 1965
Church End Power Station by Stephen Devereux

Published: 26th October 2015
An old shepherd looking  thoroughly dejected as he  stands in the cold with his  sheepdog       Date: mid 19th century
At the Sheepdog Trials by Sarah Lawson

Published: 22nd October 2015
Homeless people sleeping in Embankment Place, central London, in a former 'dormitory' area.  They are disturbed at 4am by  street cleaning carts and are dispersed earlier during the tourist season.      Date: 1970s
Homeless by Harvey Duke

Published: 19th October 2015
Futuristic silver robot toy walking in flowers. 

Silver (1985) by Kelley Swain

Published: 14th October 2015
Book burning on Opernplatz in Berlin (including an appearance by Josef Goebbels). On 10 May 1933 "undeutsches Schrifttum" (Un-German literature) was being burned in many German university towns. These macabre events were the highlight of the campaign "Wider den undeutschen Geist" (Against the Un-German Spirit) after the National Socialists' coming to power. The book burnings had been arranged by the German Student Association's Main Office for Press and Propaganda. 

10 May 1933
Burning the Books by Richard Westcott

Published: 13th October 2015
Still Life of Asparagus. Adriaen Coorte
Still life of asparagus by Lorraine Mariner

Published: 12th October 2015
A scene of bleak desolation at Salford, Manchester, as a lone housewife pushing a pram, accompanied by her two young children walk along a cobbled street, cleared of the terraced houses which once lined it on either side. In the distance through the wet gloom and evening mist can be seen the new home for these cleared communities in high rise tower block flats. Photograph by Shirley Baker     Date: 1964
Shirley Baker’s Photo of Salford, 1964 by Stephen Devereux

Published: 23rd September 2015
Charles Giron (1850-1914). Portrait of Jean Carries around 1880. Oil on canvas.     Date: 1875
Sculpting a mole by Sarah Westcott

Published: 23rd September 2015
Anatomy of pregnancy. Engraving from the 16th century of the anatomy of a pregnant woman's urogenital system. Within the opened uterus (lower center) is a fetus. The ovaries are at lower left and lower right, with the vagina at bottom center. At bottom left is the bladder, whilst the kidneys are at upper left and upper right. The vertical blood vessels between the kidneys are the aorta artery (narrower of the 2) and the inferior vena cava vein. These split (at center) to form iliac veins and arteries. The umbrella-shaped object (at top) is the liver. Image taken from De conceptu et generatione hominis (1580) by Jakob Rueff.
Anatomy by Malene Engelund

Published: 23rd September 2015
Figures photographed on the Tulip Staircase of the Queen's House, though photographer saw nothing ; during normal opening hours of the Museum      Date: 19 June 1966
Insomnia by Tamar Yoseloff

Published: 23rd September 2015
Two barefoot 'dolly birds' languidly reclining on  inflatable armchairs, wearing Space Age see-through  dresses.      Date: late 1960s
Our Word by David Nash

Published: 23rd September 2015
Utagawa Toyokuni  print of Monkey dressed as a poet. Inset of tiger.
Monkey dressed as poet by Kelley Swain

Published: 23rd September 2015
Sunset over the ancient  standing stones of Callanish  Stone Circle, Isle of Lewis,  outer Hebrides, Scotland.       Date: 1980
Standing Stones, Calanais, Isle of Lewis by Jill Sharp

Published: 22nd September 2015
Mr Churchill rung down by a Suffragette's bell
Mr Churchill rung down by a Suffragette’s bell by Lorraine Mariner

Published: 20th September 2015
A London gridlock by Sarah Lawson

Published: 18th September 2015