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Poinsettia with attendant butterfly. 

circa 1840
Night Poinsettias


The snow has not yet drowned

in thunder, lightning, or in rain.


The snow has not yet drowned

the garden completely.


The house is bat-black, air still,

bedroom doors unopened.


Small breathing rises in each room –

my daughter, my son


asleep among butterfly wings,

blue stars, waning moons.


Ice-animals creep across the window –

see how their footprints leave


thousands of spilt needles

pricking the dark at every turn.


On nights like these only the fresh blood

of my three poinsettias can be heard –


when shall we three meet again

in thunder, lightning, or in rain?



© Marion McCready

Picture 10135997, illustration, circa 1840, image copyright Mary Evans



Marion McCready lives in Dunoon, Argyll. She won a Scottish Book Trust New Writers Award in 2013 and the Melita Hume Poetry Prize for her first full-length collection Tree Language which was published by Eyewear Publishing in 2014. Her second collection Madame Ecosse was published in 2017 also by Eyewear Publishing.