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Early morning, I open my face –

a passing glance in the mirror –


half open eyes, dishevelled hair

seeking quiet with the dawn.


The evening is different – the face

that stares back


is yours – I am you, reaching out

with the same hands,


that bright toothiness,

blue eyes set off by auburn hair.


I touch your perfect skin

feel your fingers trace my cheek.


Your frown mirrors mine,

eyebrows raised in surprise.


Your face sleeps in my mirror,

etched on glass – untouched by time.



© Valerie Morton

Picture 12943127, painting by Robert Reid, 1910, image copyright Mary Evans / Pictures Now Collection



Valerie Morton is the author of two poetry collections – Mango Tree (2013) and Handprints (2015), both published by Indigo Dreams Publishing, and her poems have appeared in a variety of magazines and anthologies. She is the publisher of Elephant (A Poetry of Elephants) edited by Rebecca Gethin) and also the pamphlet Still Born (2019) which raised money for Sands, the neonatal death society. She has taught Creative Writing at a mental health charity as well as running workshops for volunteers at a Hertfordshire Pinetum, publishing two pamphlets of their work. She is a member of Ver Poets.