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The Race


Fragments of time

Parcels of pleasure


On yesterday’s doorstep.


A life full of jewels

Wrapped up in paper.


In your memory

Etched out on your soul.



In colours

that lit up your day

Or maybe

Added shade

To comfort your way.


The ongoing story

At a different pace,

Without a winner

To end the race …


As you walk in the sunshine

Till the day’s

12345no more.



© Carole Crawford

Picture 12547243, photograph by David Noble, 20th century, image copyright Mary Evans / John Hinde Studios



Carole Crawford was born in England but spent a lot of her childhood in Italy. She studied piano at the Royal Academy of Music in London, and went on to pursue a career performing professionally as a classical and jazz pianist. She is now married and lives in Athens, where she teaches, and is head of the music department of an international school. Carole has been writing poetry since she was a child. Her poems often portray a world seen through the eyes of nature, while others encourage us to look at things from a different angle.