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Harvest Festival


Friday night

A full moon

Harvest Festival


From home

Across the Way

Up the Crescent

Down the Gardens

Past The Lamppost

To B’s


Where B was wolfing down his tea –

Burnt bangers, mash and Heinz baked beans.


Ready at last



Crew-cuts brushed

Off we dashed


Up the Gardens

Past The Lamppost

Through Jack’s Field

Down Slippy Bank

To the Youth Club


Collecting paper bags ready-filled

With Christian kindness and goodwill


Bright red apples

Over-size oranges

Over-ripe bananas

Grapes of many colours


With all the bags pre-door-numbered

Into the Wheatley Valley we thundered


Banging on doors

Ringing on bells

Hearing the occasional

“What the bloody hell!”


The Moon lit up the faces

Of the old folks as they thanked us

For the bags of fruit we’d brought them


Then when we’d finished


Up Slippy Bank

Through Jack’s Field

Past The Lamppost

Down the Crescent

Across the Way

Back home



© Rowland Hill

Picture 10437514, photograph by John Gay, 1960s-1970s, image copyright Mary Evans / Historic England Collection



Rowland Hill is a retired charity accountant. For many years he has written lyrical verse to celebrate birthdays, weddings, etc of family, colleagues and friends. Occasionally he has attempted to write more serious poetry, much more so since he began attending “Poetry with Friends” events run by Gail Curry and Elaine Cusack, and the Happy Planet Creative Arts of which they are Directors. He is very interested in the works of Ted Hughes. Recently published items can be found at