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Wonderful old friend


Wonderful old friend

Walking the same path as me

since we were seven years old.


Your great spirit lifts me up

as surely and joyously as a gentle wave

when I swim in the sea on a summer’s afternoon.



© Lucinda Moore

Picture 11944324, photograph, 1930s, image copyright Mary Evans / Vyntage Visuals/Everett Collection



Lucinda Moore is an author and historian, based in Sussex. A graduate of classical archaeology and ancient history from Oxford University, Lucinda has more than a decade of archival research experience, and loves documenting the world around her with words and pictures. Her first publication was an illustrated history book, Animals in the Great War (Pen & Sword, 2017), and she recently won her first poetry prize, in the ‘Unpublished Poet’ category of the 2020 Lord Whisky Animal Sanctuary competition.