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Swingtime for Venus


barely balanced on a shell

if the wind rises and the waves

swell behind you


no sails oars or blankets

no outboard motor or cups of cocoa

no life-jackets or rubber wings


shelter is only your hair and hands


desire gives the wind reason to blow

you onshore with only a tease of cover


like the bluster of a matador’s cloak

distracting you into the future


where not all rain falls as petals



© Gillie Robic

Picture 12927203, painting by Botticelli, circa 1485, image copyright Mary Evans / Pictures Now Collection



Gillie Robic was born in Bombay, India; she went to school there and in England. She studied at the Sorbonne and l’Union Centrale des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, and Theatre Design at the Central School in London. Her poems have appeared in magazines and anthologies in the UK and the USA; some of her work has won prizes or been placed in competitions. Her first poetry collection, Swimming Through Marble, was published in 2016, followed by her second collection, Lightfalls, in 2019, both with Live Canon. She has wide experience as a puppeteer in theatre, film and television; she designs, writes and directs, and works as a voiceover artist.