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The Electrical Gold Finder Discovers Radio 3


What can I hear?  I’m listening carefully.

Nothing at present.  I’ll take a step.

No, instead I shall lengthen the line

ensuring the Detector is kept very still.

My Receptor is sensitive, which is essential

since gold only sings in the softest of voices,

its ore lies demure … stop, what was that,

the song of the sought for, its magical music?

Come here and dig – no, wait for a moment,

your spade will destroy what I am enjoying –

even more precious than potential gold.

Leave us alone – I’ll go on listening

carefully keeping the length very still.



© Richard Westcott

Picture 10090310, engraving in La Science Illustrée, 1892, image copyright Mary Evans



After hanging up his stethoscope a few years back, Richard Westcott now listens to himself talking, rather than others. Presently working on a sequence exploring Suicide, he seems to be better at getting a commendation here and there than being published, but keeps trying. And stays alive.