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Storm Gertrude


it was a very it was it was very

gusts of up to to up to here

homes without power bridges shut

shut shutters shut and so shutters so shut

wind windy night more prudent not to

not not to venture to not venture out

can cancelled not flights no flying not flight

is considerable what what is what

what which is what warnings

worst hit by them frequent and so

brought down and heavy the trees

and the trees trees windy down so



© Jill Sharp

Composite picture, with thanks to Jessica Talmage, image copyright Mary Evans



Jill Sharp grew up in the New Forest and now lives in Swindon, where she runs regular writing workshops. Her poems have appeared in magazines, anthologies and newspapers, most recently in The Interpreter’s House, Envoi, Poetry Salzburg Review and Prole, online at Amaryllis, And Other Poems, and Ink, Sweat & Tears, and in The Morning Star and Los Angeles Times. Her book about literary connections to place, Written in Stone, was published by English Heritage in 2005, and her poetry pamphlet Ye Gods by Indigo Dreams in 2015.