Two National Treasures Unite - Mary Evans and Alinari

Mary Evans Picture Library, the UK's leading specialist source of historical images, is delighted to announce that it is now representing Alinari Archives, the leading Italian source of historical images, in both the UK and the USA.

Founded in Florence in 1852, Alinari is the oldest photography archive in the world. The birth of photography and the story of the archive are linked, as attested to by a collection of over 3,500,000 photographs. The Archives, and the Museum of the History of Photography, preserved original material - glass plates, negatives, vintage prints and colour photos - from many Italian and non-Italian photographers who captured a wide variety of historical scenes and events from the dawn of photography.

Thanks to an agreement with the Italian Ministry for Cultural Assets and Activities, photographic reproductions of works of art owned by the Italian State are also available for licensing. And there is a wealth of historical material sourced from collections such as the Italian Touring Club, Luce Institute, Rizzoli and Rai TV. Like Mary Evans, the name Alinari is synonymous with history, and the combination of the two collections offers a unique opportunity for picture researchers to access the best in history in one convenient location.

Paul Brown, Managing Director, said: "Although Alinari is represented by other companies in the UK, they are a natural partner for Mary Evans; since we have the most diverse and in depth historical collection in the country, our clients expect to be able to source such a prestigious collection as Alinari from us, and now they can. Mary Evans really is the place for image buyers to get all their historical imagery and benefit from the same economies of scale for history already offered by larger libraries, but with a historically trained staff second to none."

Alinari material is being added to the Mary Evans website daily. But if clients can't find what they need online, our researchers are always happy to search the Alinari website and our own archives on their behalf. Since every one of our researchers has a background in history, our clients can be confident an unparalleled level of expertise is applied to every request.

Click here to see a small selection of the material available.

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