Prestigious Medici Society Archive represented by Mary Evans Picture Library

Mary Evans Picture Library, the UK's leading source for historical images is delighted to announce representation of the prestigious Medici Society archive, a collection of some 37,000 exquisite designs and illustrations.

Founded in 1908 by Philip Lee Warner and Eustace Gurney, the company's original aim was to bring artists' work to the appreciation of the general public, with subjects chosen for their artistic value, beauty or sentiment and sold "for the lowest price commercially possible". In the early days, members of the 'Society' paid a subscription in order to receive art prints, but over the years, the company began to sell prints in a more traditional way as well as publish greetings cards, calendars and children's books. The Medici Society has brought the work of well-loved artists to a wider audience from classic children's illustrators such as Margaret Tarrant, Racey Helps and Rene Cloke, to graphic designs from the 40s, 50s and 60s with a distinctive retro flavour.

Around 2,500 images from the archive have now been added to the Mary Evans web site with an ongoing programme in place to grow the available online collection over the coming months. Images currently available include whimsical animal scenes by Molly Brett and Racey Helps, enchanting fairy paintings, Biblical subjects, florals and landscapes by Margaret Tarrant as well as charming childhood portraits by Muriel Dawson.

"We are extremely proud to be representing the Medici Archive," says Luci Gosling, Business Development Manager at Mary Evans Picture Library. "This is an archive crammed with a mouth-watering, evocative and magical mix of images created by some of the most talented illustrators of the last century. As well as a wide range of subjects to inspire editorial clients, this is a collection with particular appeal for gifts, homeware, calendars, textiles, toys, apparel and other merchandise. With the current vogue for fairies and nostalgia in general, we expect the Margaret Tarrant and Molly Brett material to be particularly popular." The first batch of Medici images are now available at To see a selection please click here.

For further information, or licensing queries, please contact:
Luci Gosling
Mary Evans Picture Library
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