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Historic archive of graphic design now available at Mary Evans Picture Library

Mary Evans Picture Library, the UK's leading source for historical images, is pleased to announce exclusive representation of the Retrograph Collection, a superlative archive of 19th and 20th century graphic and commercial design.

The result of twenty years of collecting by Jilliana Ranicar-Breese, Retrograph is a treasure trove of international decorative and commercial art drawn from a century of graphic design. An eclectic mix of labels, samples, tradecards, advertisements, posters, scraps, prints, fashion plates, artefacts and other ephemera, the Retrograph archive is not only a visual feast, it is also a fascinating chronicle of social history. The collection charts such trends as the growth of air travel, household gadgets and motoring, alongside insights into how people dressed, how they furnished their homes and what they ate. With the emphasis on strong, visual material, the collection also offers a different perspective on themes such as royalty, war and the Empire.

Highlights of the Retrograph archive includes more abstract material such as 1930s rug designs, art deco chocolate box packaging and stunning early 20th century gift wrap design samples as well as some beautifully evocative luggage labels from the inter-war period reflecting the glamorous, golden age of travel.

"We are delighted to add the Retrograph Collection to our library," says Paul Brown, Managing Director at Mary Evans Picture Library; "not only does the material have historical significance, but overall there is a strong nostalgic flavour which we feel will make it an interesting choice for creative clients whether they are design companies, book jacket designers or greetings card publishers."

Almost 2000 images from the Retrograph Collection are now available to view online at www.maryevans.com. To view a taster selection from this fascinating archive, please click here.

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