Lights, Cameras, Action for the Mary Evans / Ronald Grant Collaboration

Mary Evans Picture Library, the UK's leading specialist source of historical images, is pleased to announce a new collaboration with the Ronald Grant Archive. From September 2009, Mary Evans will be handling the international marketing and sales of this prestigious collection of cinema history on an exclusive basis, giving the Ronald Grant Archive immediate access to an extensive network of international clients and agents.

One of the leading experts in the field of cinema history with content dating back to 1898, the Ronald Grant Archive is run by a team who are not only knowledgeable, but deeply passionate about their subject. Their in-depth knowledge of cinema in all its forms adds extra value to an exceptionally rich and detailed collection, and mirrors perfectly Mary Evans' own ethos.

The collection not only has comprehensive coverage of British and American cinema, but also a good representation of world cinema. It contains all the Golden Classics and the great movies of every decade. As well as images from films, there are film star portraits, posters and lobby cards. Items of particular note are the films of Mitchell & Kenyon (1898-1913) including their fake Boer War films, Bollywood, cinema pioneers such as George Albert Smith, special effects and images relating to the whole cinematic experience; from popcorn and ice-cream trays to projection and sound equipment. Truly one of the most comprehensive cinema collections in existence.

"The history of cinema is a perfect addition to Mary Evans as it fills one of our few remaining gaps, and we are now in a position to offer clients the complete range of history, all in one place," said Mary Evans Managing Director, Paul Brown. "Ronald Grant will continue to develop the collection and give their specialist service to UK clients, while Mary Evans develops and fulfils international business backed by Ronald Grant expertise. This is a great example of making the most of two great collections by working together for the benefit of both companies and their clients."

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