Collection of the Week - The Henry Aldridge & Son Ltd Archive
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Handwritten letter from bandmaster Wallace Hartley written on board the Titanic. Image 13745534.

Collection of the Week: The Henry Aldridge & Son Ltd Archive

Henry Aldridge & Son Ltd, based in Wiltshire, is the leading auctioneer of Titanic and White Star memorabilia in the world and specialise in the sale of iconic collector's items.

The unparalleled collection of Titanic-related images we can supply, including objects, diagrams and film stills, has been immeasurably enhanced by the addition of hundreds of photographs from Henry Aldridge & Son of rare and valuable Titanic memorabilia.

   a letter written on board R.M.S. Titanic by band leader Wallace Hartley, who was famously remembered, along with his band, as continuing to play as the ship sank;

   a rare In Memoriam Titanic pin badge;

   a salvaged porthole from R.M.S. Carpathia, the ship that came to the rescue of the Titanic lifeboat survivors, and was later torpedoed in the First World War;

   a continuous certificate of discharge for surviving Fireman William Lindsey listing the Titanic as his 7th voyage;

   New York news bureau ticker tape roll from roughly three days after the sinking describing the disaster;

   several photographs of Titanic passengers and crew, as well as personal items salvaged by the Cable Ship Mackay-Bennett, the ship that recovered the majority of the victims' bodies.

If you're planning a Titanic project, we'd be delighted to help-we're just an email or call away if you need a search, a quote or an answer to a question. Please do get in touch at or on 020 8318 0034.

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