Collection of the week: John Barrett
Collection of the week: John Barrett

Collector John Barrett's photographic images span the first 30 years of the 20th century, and are the original photographic prints used in the picture book The Pageant of the Century published in 1933 by Odhams Press. By a stroke of luck, we have this book in the Mary Evans archive, and though the title might seem a little grandiose when it covers only the first third of the 1900s, it's nevertheless an engaging record of the new era of possibility.

The image set includes maidservants having a jolly bank holiday time on Hampstead Heath in 1900; trenches dug across the street in First World War France; a fashionable beach scene in Dieppe in 1932 when the Yo-Yo was the craze of the moment; and a nightclub cloakroom and hat check in the 1930s manned by Brylcreemed young men.

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