Collection of the week: The John Hinde Archive

Collection of the week: The John Hinde Archive

Last week, we focused on the Francis Frith Collection, and, since we're all still effectively in holiday mode, we thought we'd follow this up with a brand new collection tackling the same theme, but in a very different style.

The John Hinde Archive takes us on a tour of the mid-century British Isles and, boy, what a gloriously technicolour world it was. Hinde was born in 1916, but his career as a photographer took off during the 1950s and 60s, when his company, John Hinde Ltd., began to publish postcards of Britain, Ireland and beyond, pioneering a new, dazzling style that was, quite literally, picture perfect. The images, taken on large format cameras by Hinde and his roster of photographers, have a distinctively retro, colour-saturated look, a rich evocation of a period when a motoring holiday was still relatively free of gridlock, and Billy Butlin was the king of fun. As the most successful postcard company of its time, the John Hinde Archive is a fascinating and nostalgic document of holiday habits, and a symbol of the period's optimism and relative prosperity.

Of the 750 John Hinde images available to view online, there are scenes around Ireland, where the sun always shines in azure skies, as well as bright and bustling London views of major landmarks and sites (Battersea Park in the 1960s looks particularly jolly). But if it's true kitsch you're seeking, then John Hinde's photographs of various Butlin's holiday camps around Britain, are a nostalgic, if slightly mind-boggling, delight.

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