Collection of the week: *NEW* John Krish

Collection of the week: *NEW* John Krish

John Krish (1923-2016) was a film director who worked in all areas of film making from commercials to children's TV, but he is particularly acclaimed for his powerful documentaries and drama-documentaries such as Return to Life (1960) and I Think They Call Him John (1964), many of them made under government, trade union or charity sponsorship. In common with a lot of film directors, he was also a keen photographer and took a huge number of pictures, which comprise a separate but related body of work, largely social in subject matter - and predominantly UK based. People were his fascination, and his subjects range from strong character studies to candid shots. Growing up was another perennial theme of Krish's work; he is a deft and sensitive chronicler of childhood, often using his own children as subjects.

We are thrilled to announce representation of John Krish's photography, a collection that is nostalgic without being saccharine, and offers a window into Britain from the 1950s to the 1970s courtesy of his keen sense of timing and atmosphere.

The BFI, who have most of his films already are setting up a full working archive relating to all his film work. A few years ago, a number of his films were brought together and released by them under the heading A Day in the Life. With photographs that cover market scenes in central London, children at school and at play, fairs on Hampstead Heath, or the working class communities of south Wales and Keighley, the same title could be used to describe his photographic archive. There are plenty of evocative images to discover in the John Krish collection but click here to get a sample selection

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