Collection of the week: Kevin Walsh Nostalgia
Collection of the week: Kevin Walsh Nostalgia

If you're a keen jigsaw puzzler then you may already be familiar with the work of Kevin Walsh. Kevin is a contemporary artist who specialises in painting nostalgic scenes from the past, and while many of his pictures are originally commissioned for puzzles and other products, we are pleased to be able to offer his archive for editorial, and occasional commercial use.*

Kevin's detailed and vibrant art conjures up a world of vintage cars in picture-postcard villages, famous steam trains pulling into smartly painted stations or jolly Routemaster buses whizzing past Westminster. He also recreates some of history's most memorable moments, such as he VE Day celebrations in 1945, or, a recently completed picture, the public watching the moon landings of 1969 on a big screen in Trafalgar Square. Both events reach significant anniversaries this year.

Other big ticket historic moments include the launch of the Titanic, the 1953 Coronation and preparations for D-Day. Elsewhere, Victorian Christmases, seaside and holiday scenes, sporting themes and many notable places and buildings in America and Europe are all given Kevin's unique nostalgic treatment.

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*Subject to artist clearance.

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