Collection of the week: Media Drum Images in Colour
Collection of the week: Media Drum Images in Colour

Media Drum's collection of colourised photographs brings a new appeal to some notable historical themes. While many black & white historical images are far from ordinary, their very familiarity can sometimes make them feel hackneyed. Colour gives freshness and immediacy to events that can seem remote.

The collection includes some hard-hitting topics: World Wars One and Two, the Irish Civil War, the Spanish flu pandemic, child labour, Victorian asylums and crime scenes. There are also more light-hearted scenes of football matches, celebrations of Armistice Day, and personalities such as Charlie Chaplin, all skilfully and sensitively colourised.

Click here to view an edit of the collection, and as always, if you can't find what you're looking for, please get in touch. Email or phone 020 8318 0034 to speak to a researcher.

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