Collection of the week: Michael Cole Automobilia
Collection of the week: Michael Cole Automobilia

Michael Cole is one of the tennis world's leading photographers. However, away from the day job, he is an enthusiastic collector of automobilia and over the years has amassed a delightful collection of vintage photographs of people and their vehicles.

From nippy saloons to delivery vans, chauffeurs to charabancs, Michael's collection consists mainly of amateur snapshots taken to document not only day trips and holidays, but also the pride and joy owners clearly took in their vehicles. As well as cars, Michael has extended his remit to include motorcycles, frequently with passengers crammed into a variety of rickety sidecars. Look out too for charming examples of children with their toy pedal cars. In a few instances, there are even cases of motoring dogs and monkeys!

In addition to photographs, we also have some striking images of motoring-related tin signs from the era, all with the associated patina and character that comes with age. Click here for a 'wheely' fine selection of petrolheads from the past.

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