Collection of the week: *NEW* The Monomania Collection

Good evening, ladies and gentleman. Please take your seats, the show is about to beginů

We have recently added the first 100 images from one of the latest collections to join the Mary Evans fold, and it's a theatrical delight. Margaret Monod is a collector of postcards and photographs of women in music hall and pantomime. She also blogs about their fascinating history at

Among Monomania's dramatis personae are well-known male impersonators such as Hettie King and Vesta Tilley, but also more obscure names such as Bessie Bonehill, Mamie Holland and Flo Dixie. There are some tantalising turns such as the Diving Belles, who performed an underwater mermaid act, Vulcana the Strong Woman and Rosey Anslow and Ella Grahame, the roller-skating acrobats, just some of the stars who helped to make British variety theatre so vibrant and exciting in its heyday.

Margaret's fascinating collection covers the last quarter of the nineteenth century and the first quarter of the twentieth, and places women performers firmly in the spotlight. We will be adding more to the collection in future but for the time, sit back, enjoy the show and click here to browse the collection.

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