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We've got all the feels this week as we approach our archive sideways and offer you some conceptual ideas based on moods. Finding historical subjects on our site is pretty straightforward; if you want the Battle of Hastings, then that's what you type in. But looking for something more conceptual can require some lateral thinking. We're always here to help interpret your requests with our free research service, and we hope these selections might offer some inspiration and direction when you're trying to illustrate that difficult-to-grasp idea. This is also a cunning way to show you the range and diversity of our collection which spans travel posters to street photography and much more besides. We've chosen four moods to put you…in the mood. Take your pick depending on your frame of mind.

Joy & Happiness

Need a bit of a lift? Fancy a boost? Then feel energised by this bundle of fun and laughter, guaranteed to fill you with positivity. We've included saucy postcards by Donald McGill, Bonzo the Dog radiating happy vibes, 1930s office parties, chubby babies, a Macca thumbs up, and some wonderful work by photographers such as Roger Mayne, Shirley Baker, Paul Kaye and Martin O'Neill who often found the best models were the cheeky tykes playing around the streets in the cities they were exploring.

Peace, Reflection & Solitude

If this picture selection was a radio station it would be Chill FM. Be lulled into reverie and relaxation with this round-up designed to appeal to pensive types. Paintings of calm, ordered interiors from archives like the Medici Society set the tone, and we are particularly drawn to those depicting languid days on the river by Sir John Lavery (many courtesy of our representation of National Museums, Northern Ireland). There are also some beautifully evocative photographs from the Bexley Archive and the family photo albums of Vanessa Wagstaff. Prepare to be seriously soothed.

Spooky & Sinister

For haunting images, step this way (or enter if you dare). We're renowned for our specialism in the supernatural and paranormal, and this selection draws on that but also lots of other creepy stuff, perfect for anointing the air with a discernible chill.

Romantic & Dreamy

If you're trying to evoke the dream-like state of the love struck, then look no further. This is romance in the broadest sense, from couples walking off into the sunset to illustrations from Arthurian legends, from Stonehenge at dawn from the Historic England archive, to St. Michael's Mount wreathed in snow clouds by Cornish photographer, Andrew Besley. These are pictures to make us go misty-eyed. Pass the handkerchiefs.

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