Collection of the week: Stocktrek

Digging around for dinosaurs? Searching fruitlessly for aliens in space? Then may we recommend Stocktrek? Mary Evans represents 5,000 images from specialist resource, Stocktrek Images, bookending our historical collection with digital artwork on dinosaurs and prehistory alongside dazzling depictions of the future encompassing sci-fi, fantasy, space and alien life.

These digital artworks are vivid, eye-catching and of excellent quality and offer an unparalleled illustrated resource of life on earth from Palaeozoic era through to eras in the far-distant future that haven't even been named yet. When we claim to offer all periods of history, the Stocktrek collection really does fill in any missing centuries!

View an inspiring selection of these images here or contact or call +44(0)20 8318 0034 for further information and pricing enquiries.

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