Collection of the week: FILM - Summer on Screen

Collection of the week: FILM - Summer on Screen

From time to time, we like to remind you about the huge amount of film material we have available these days. Through the combined forces of the Ronald Grant Film Archive, the Everett Collection, Allstar, AND Studio Canal, we can boast an impressive 1.5 MILLION movie stills, film posters, actor portraits, behind-the-scenes pictures and images depicting other aspects of cinema history.

And since it's the summer solstice, what better angle to approach the subject than a summary of some of the best summer films of all time? Here are a few of our recommendations in no particular order. We've included them in this selection here, along with a variety of other sizzling summer films to watch on the big or small screen.

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Summer Holiday. Cliff and the gang borrow a double-decker bus and trundle their way around Europe enjoying romances and high jinks along the way. Studiocanal own the rights to this toe-tapping slice of early '60s youthful nostalgia and have over 500 images of the film.

The Wicker Man Admittedly, it's the sort of summer holiday we'd all rather avoid, but this folk horror cult classic is the one to reach for if you like a bit of human sacrifice with your midsummer celebrations.

Stand by Me Rob Reiner's coming of age movie, which made River Phoenix a name to watch, evokes perfectly the long, hot, endless summer days of childhood,

Little Miss Sunshine Not exactly a summer movie, but a) the weather is hot b) it has the word 'sunshine' in the title and c) it's downright, feel-good brilliant.

Dirty Dancing Nobody puts Baby in the corner; everyone loves the dancing and romancing at Kellerman's Country Club. Don't forget other 'summer camp' movies such as The Parent Trap (we have both the Hayley Mills and Lindsay Lohan versions).

The Go-Between A forbidden affair during a languid Edwardian summer, this 1971 adaptation of L.P. Hartley's novel about lost innocence starring Julie Christie and Alan Bates is elegantly nostalgic.

National Lampoon's Vacation A disastrous holiday road trip with Chevy Chase and Beverley D'Angelo - one of 1983's biggest films.

Mama Mia With the azure waters of the Aegean as a backdrop and ABBA providing the soundtrack, this sun-soaked Greek delight is hugely likeable. For more romantic Grecian escapades, see Shirley Valentine.

Roman Holiday The film that made Audrey Hepburn a star, William Wyler cast her as a princess playing truant with reporter Gregory Peck in the Eternal City.

Bank Holiday Carol Reed's comedy drama is set in a fictional Sussex seaside resort over a scorching August Bank Holiday weekend.

We hope the sun continues to shine this week and in between times, if we can help with any projects, whether film OR history, do drop us a line. Our email is or you can call us on 020 8318 0034.

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